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Success Stories of Top Concert Promoters in Nigeria

Last Updated on September 3, 2023


A. Concept of Concert Promotion

Concert promotion, a dynamic field, involves marketing, organizing, and managing live music events. It’s the art of turning musical dreams into reality.

B. Significance of Success Stories

  1. Inspiration: Top concert promoters in Nigeria inspire aspiring talents and event planners.

  2. Economic Impact: They contribute significantly to the country’s entertainment industry and economy.

  3. Cultural Exchange: Successful promoters facilitate global artist collaborations, enhancing cultural exchange.

  4. Job Creation: Their ventures create jobs and foster entrepreneurship.

  5. Entertainment Growth: Their stories reflect the exponential growth of Nigerian entertainment.

These success stories illuminate the path for future concert promoters and showcase Nigeria’s vibrant music landscape.

Profile of Top Concert Promoters in Nigeria

A. Overview of the Nigerian Music Industry

The Nigerian music industry is a vibrant and dynamic sector that has witnessed tremendous growth in recent years.

It is known as the heartbeat of African music, with a diverse range of genres such as Afrobeats, Afro-pop, Highlife, and more.

Nigerian musicians have gained international recognition and have collaborated with renowned artists around the world.

B. Key Players in Concert Promotion

concert promotion is a crucial aspect of the music industry, and Nigeria has a talented individuals and companies excelling in this field.

These top concert promoters have played a significant role in organising successful shows and promoting Nigerian music globally.

  1. Tunde Demuren: Tunde Demuren is a renowned concert promoter and co-founder of Empire Mates Entertainment (EME).

    He has been instrumental in organizing notable concerts, including the popular Lagos Countdown Festival, which attracts thousands of attendees each year.

  2. Cecil Hammond: Cecil Hammond is the CEO of Flytime Promotions, one of the most influential concert promotion companies in Nigeria.

    He has organised numerous successful concerts, including the annual Rhythm Unplugged show, which features top Nigerian and international musicians.

  3. Paul Okoye: Paul Okoye, also known as Paul O, is the CEO of Upfront & Personal Global Management Consultants, a leading entertainment management and concert promotion company.

    He has organised concerts for top Nigerian artists such as Wizkid, Davido, and Tiwa Savage.

  4. Obi Asika: Obi Asika is the founder of Cabal Entertainment, a prominent concert promotion company in Nigeria.

    He has successfully organised major concerts, including the Star Music Trek tour, which showcases Nigerian music talent to fans across the country.

C. Names, Achievements, and contributions of Top concert Promoters

  1. Tunde Demuren’s achievements include his role in the success of Empire Mates Entertainment (EME) and his contribution to the growth of the Lagos Countdown Festival. He has helped promote Nigerian music and showcase its diversity to a global audience.

  2. Cecil Hammond’s Flytime Promotions has been at the forefront of organising some of the biggest concerts in Nigeria, bringing international artists like Chris Brown, Cardi B, and Beyoncé to perform in the country. His efforts have elevated the profile of Nigerian music on the global stage.

  3. Paul Okoye’s Upfront & Personal Global Management Consultants has played a vital role in managing and promoting Nigerian artists, enabling them to achieve international recognition. He has helped nurture talent and create opportunities for Nigerian musicians to showcase their skills on a global platform.

  4. Obi Asika’s Cabal Entertainment has been instrumental in organising the Star Music Trek tour, which has provided a platform for Nigerian artists to connect with their fans across different regions. His efforts have contributed to the growth and recognition of Nigerian music both locally and internationally.

The Nigerian music industry has witnessed significant growth, and top concert promoters have played a crucial role in promoting Nigerian artists and music.

Through their efforts, they have showcased the diversity and talent within the industry, elevating Nigerian music to global acclaim.

Tunde Demuren, Cecil Hammond, Paul Okoye, and Obi Asika are just a few of the many individuals and companies that have made substantial contributions to the success of the Nigerian music scene.

Achievas Entertainment

Achievas Entertainment is one of the top concert promoters in Nigeria, known for their exceptional event planning and organisation.

They have successfully organised numerous concerts, attracting both local and international artists.

A. Brief Introduction to Achievas Entertainment

Achievas Entertainment, founded in 2006 by Paul Chiori Cole and Ossy Achievas, is a renowned Nigerian entertainment company.

They specialise in organising concerts and promoting artists, with a focus on delivering exceptional experiences to attendees.

B. Key Successful Concerts Organized by Achievas Entertainment

  1. Headies Awards Achievas Entertainment has consistently organised the prestigious Headies Awards, recognising and celebrating outstanding Nigerian artists.

  2. Burna Boy’s African Giant Concert They successfully organised Burna Boy’s concert, which was a major milestone for both Achievas Entertainment and the artist himself.

  3. Simi Live in Concert Achievas Entertainment played a significant role in organising Simi’s first headline concert, which was a sold-out success.

  4. Timaya’s I Concur Concert Timaya’s concert, organized by Achievas Entertainment, received widespread acclaim for its flawless execution and outstanding performances.

C. Challenges Faced and Overcome by Achievas Entertainment

Like any successful organization, Achievas Entertainment faced its share of challenges.

However, they managed to overcome them through careful planning and innovation.

  1. Venue selection: Achievas Entertainment encountered difficulties in securing suitable venues for their concerts. However, they developed strong relationships with venue owners and suppliers to ensure availability.

  2. Sponsorship and funding: Securing sponsorships and funding for concerts can be a challenge, but Achievas Entertainment overcame this by presenting compelling proposals and showcasing their track record of successful events.

  3. Logistics and operations: Organising large-scale concerts requires meticulous planning and coordination. Achievas Entertainment invested in a team of experienced professionals who efficiently managed logistics and operations.

D. Impact of Achievas Entertainment’s Success on the Industry

Achievas Entertainment’s success has had a significant impact on the Nigerian music industry and concert promotion as a whole.

Their achievements have set a benchmark for excellence and professionalism.

  1. Inspiration to others: Achievas Entertainment’s success story has inspired aspiring concert promoters to strive for greatness and pursue their passion.

  2. Capacity building: By organising high-profile concerts, Achievas Entertainment has contributed to developing the capacity of local event management professionals.

  3. Economic growth: Successful concerts attract a large number of attendees, boosting tourism and generating revenue for the local economy.

  4. Raising standards: Achievas Entertainment’s commitment to delivering exceptional experiences has raised the standards of concert organisation in Nigeria, ultimately benefiting audience members and artists.

Achievas Entertainment has established itself as a leading concert promoter in Nigeria through their successful events, ability to overcome challenges, and positive impact on the industry.

Their dedication to excellence has not only inspired others but also contributed to the growth and development of the Nigerian music scene.

Flytime Promotions

The are one of the leading concert promoters in Nigeria, known for organising high-profile and successful events in the entertainment industry.

A. Outline key successful concerts organised by Flytime Promotions

  1. Flytime Music Festival: This annual festival features top local and international artists, attracting thousands of music enthusiasts.

  2. Rhythm Unplugged: One of the biggest music concerts in Nigeria, Rhythm Unplugged showcases a diverse lineup of renowned artists.

  3. One Night Stand: This unique concert series brings international artists for intimate performances, captivating audiences.

  4. 3 Thrones Concert: Flytime Promotions successfully organised this grand event, which celebrated various music genres.

  5. Flytime Music Expo: An innovative platform that promotes emerging artists and connects them with industry professionals.

B. Challenges faced and overcome by Flytime Promotions

One of the significant hurdles was dealing with logistical complexities during event planning, such as securing venues and managing artist schedules.

The company also faced financial challenges, especially in the early stages, as organising large-scale concerts requires substantial investment.

However, through strategic partnerships and sponsorship deals, they were able to overcome these financial constraints.

Another challenge faced by Flytime Promotions was managing crowd control and security.

With events attracting massive crowds, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for attendees became a top priority.

The company developed robust security protocols and collaborated with relevant authorities to address this concern effectively.

C. The impact of Flytime Promotions’ success on the industry

Flytime Promotions’ success has had a significant impact on the Nigerian entertainment industry on various fronts.

Firstly, their exceptional event organisation skills have helped elevate the standard of concerts, making them more professional and memorable.

They have provided a platform for both established and emerging artists to showcase their talent and connect with a broader audience.

This has not only brought more exposure to Nigerian music but also opened doors for international tours and performances.

In addition, the company’s dedication to promoting emerging artists through initiatives like the Flytime Music Expo has created opportunities for young talents to break into the industry.

This has resulted in a more vibrant and diverse music scene in Nigeria.

Their impact on the Nigerian entertainment industry is undeniable, raising the bar for event organisation and providing opportunities for both local and international artisKennis Music

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Kennis Music

Kennis Music is a Nigerian record label and entertainment company founded by Kenny Ogungbe and Dayo Adeneye in 1998.

A. Key successful concerts organized by kennis music

  1. Kennis Music Easter Fiesta: This annual concert features top Nigerian artists and attracts a large audience.

  2. Kennis Music Experience: star-studded concert showcasing the label’s talented artists and attracting music lovers.

  3. Kennis Music Mega Jam: major concert that brings together renowned local and international artists.

B. Challenges faced and overcome by Kennis Music

  1. Limited resources: Initially, Kennis Music faced financial constraints, but they leveraged their industry connections to secure sponsorship deals.

  2. Competition: The Nigerian music industry is highly competitive, but Kennis Music differentiated itself by promoting and nurturing new talents.

  3. Infrastructure limitations: Inadequate venues and sound systems posed challenges, but Kennis Music invested in upgrading facilities.

C. The impact of Kennis Music’s success on the industry

  1. Discovery of new talent: Kennis Music played a significant role in discovering and promoting artists like 2face Idibia and OJB Jezreel, helping to shape the Nigerian music industry.

  2. Pioneering artist development: The label prioritized artist development, focusing on grooming and mentoring talents, which set a new standard for the industry.

  3. Cultural contribution: Kennis Music’s success inspired a new wave of music entrepreneurship and encouraged other promoters to invest in local talent.

Kennis Music has been a driving force in the Nigerian music industry, organising successful concerts such as the Kennis Music Easter Fiesta, Kennis Music Experience, and Kennis Music Mega Jam.

Despite facing challenges such as limited resources, competition, and infrastructure limitations, Kennis Music overcame them by securing sponsorships, differentiating itself, and investing in upgrading facilities.

The label’s success has had a significant impact on the industry, including the discovery of new talent, pioneering artist development practices, and inspiring others to invest in local talent.

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Success Stories of Top Concert Promoters in Nigeria

Factors Contributing to Success

A. Identifying Common Factors Shared by Top Concert Promoters

  • Strong organisational skills and attention to detail.

  • Ability to build relationships with artists, sponsors, and stakeholders.

  • Solid understanding of the music industry and audience preferences.

  • Proven track record of successful events and satisfied clients.

  • Effective negotiation skills to secure favorable deals with artists and venues.

B. The Importance of Networking and Building Relationships

Successful concert promoters in Nigeria recognise the significance of networking and fostering strong relationships.

Building a vast network of industry contacts allows promoters to:

  • Access a wide pool of talented artists for diverse events.

  • Establish partnerships with sponsors and brands, increasing financial support.

  • Collaborate with venues and suppliers who offer preferential deals.

  • Gain industry insights and stay updated with the latest trends and opportunities.

  • Obtain referrals and recommendations, enhancing credibility and reputation.

C. Exploring the Role of Quality Marketing and Promotion Strategies

Effective marketing and promotion strategies play a pivotal role in the success of concert promoters in Nigeria:

  • Identifying the target audience and tailoring marketing campaigns accordingly.

  • Utilising various channels such as social media, radio, and television to reach a wider audience.

  • Creating compelling and visually appealing promotional materials to generate interest.

  • Implementing innovative strategies that differentiate events from competitors.

  • Leveraging influencers and celebrities to endorse and create buzz around the event.

  • Harnessing the power of word-of-mouth marketing through satisfied attendees.

  • Offering early bird discounts, giveaways, and incentives to drive ticket sales.

  • Monitoring and adapting marketing strategies based on data and feedback.

The success of top concert promoters in Nigeria can be attributed to various key factors.

These include strong organisational skills, building extensive networks, and employing effective marketing and promotion strategies.

By focusing on these factors, concert promoters can achieve significant success in the competitive Nigerian music industry.

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Challenges Faced by Promoters in Nigeria

Concert promotion in Nigeria presents several unique challenges that promoters must overcome to achieve success.

These challenges range from security concerns to infrastructure limitations and logistical issues.

A. Unique Challenges Faced by Concert Promoters in Nigeria

  1. Limited Funds: Concert promoters in Nigeria often face financial constraints due to the high cost of organising events, including artist fees, venue rentals, and equipment costs.

  2. Competition: The concert promotion industry in Nigeria is highly competitive, with numerous promoters vying for the attention of both artists and audiences.

  3. Inadequate Public Perception: Concert promotion is often viewed with scepticism in Nigeria, making it challenging for promoters to gain public trust and sell tickets.

  4. Licensing and Regulatory Issues: Obtaining necessary licenses and permits for concerts can be a bureaucratic and time-consuming process, hindering smooth event planning.

B. Issues Related to Security, Infrastructure, and Logistics

  1. Security Concerns: Nigeria has faced security challenges, with the risk of unrest, terrorism, and crime, which can impact the safety of concertgoers and pose a threat to events.

  2. Infrastructure Limitations: Inadequate venues with suitable capacities and technical facilities pose a challenge for promoters in Nigeria, limiting the options for organising large-scale concerts.

  3. Transportation and Logistics: Poor road networks, traffic congestion, and transportation difficulties make it challenging to move artists, equipment, and personnel efficiently.

  4. Power Supply: Frequent power outages and unreliable electricity supply require promoters to invest in alternative power sources to ensure uninterrupted performances.

C. Ways Successful Promoters Overcome These Challenges

  1. Collaboration and Networking: Successful promoters in Nigeria build strong networks with artists, sponsors, suppliers, and government officials to navigate challenges effectively.

  2. Investment in Security: Promoters prioritise the safety of concert attendees by engaging professional security agencies and implementing robust security measures.

  3. Improving Infrastructure: Some successful promoters invest in building or improving concert venues with better facilities and sound systems to accommodate larger events.

  4. Effective Logistics Planning: Detailed transport and logistics planning, including contingency measures, help promoters overcome transportation challenges and ensure smooth operations.

  5. Public Relations and Marketing: Successful promoters employ strategic marketing campaigns, media partnerships, and social media promotions to improve public perception and boost ticket sales.

  6. Adapting to Technology: Embracing technological advancements, such as online ticketing platforms and digital marketing, helps promoters reach a wider audience and streamline operations.

Concert promoters in Nigeria face unique challenges related to limited funds, competition, public perception, licensing, security, infrastructure, and logistics.

Overcoming these challenges requires investment in security, infrastructure improvements, effective planning, networking, and strategic marketing.

Despite the obstacles, successful promoters in Nigeria have demonstrated their ability to thrive and contribute to the vibrant music scene in the country.

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Lessons Learned from Top Concert Promoters

A. Key Takeaways from Success Stories

  1. Building strong relationships with artists and industry professionals is crucial.

  2. Effective marketing and promotion strategies are vital for successful concerts.

  3. Adapting to the ever-changing music industry landscape is important for long-term success.

  4. Being passionate and committed to the job leads to greater accomplishments.

  5. Investing in quality production and infrastructure enhances the overall concert experience.

  6. Delivering excellent customer service helps build a loyal fan base.

  7. Learning from failures and using them as stepping stones towards success is essential.

  8. Staying up-to-date with current trends and incorporating them into events attracts a larger audience.

  9. Collaborating with sponsors and partners can provide additional resources and support.

  10. Having a diverse portfolio of events allows for a more stable and profitable business model.

B. Insights for Aspiring Promoters

  1. Develop strong networking skills to connect with artists, agents, and other industry professionals.

  2. Invest time and effort into creating effective marketing campaigns tailored to target audiences.

  3. Stay informed about industry trends, technological advancements, and changing consumer preferences.

  4. Be persistent, resilient, and adaptable to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

  5. Prioritise customer satisfaction through excellent communication, reliable services, and memorable experiences.

  6. Maintain financial discipline and manage resources effectively to maximise profits and minimise risks.

  7. Build a team with diverse skills and expertise to handle different aspects of concert promotion.

  8. Continuously learn and enhance knowledge through workshops, conferences, and industry publications.

  9. Create mutually beneficial partnerships with sponsors, venues, and vendors to extend resources and reach.

  10. Identify and nurture emerging talent to stay ahead of the competition and attract new audiences.

C. Encouragement for Readers

Reading about the success stories of top concert promoters in Nigeria should inspire and motivate readers to pursue their own success in the industry.

These promoters started from scratch and faced numerous challenges, but through perseverance and hard work, they achieved remarkable milestones.

If you have a passion for music and event management, consider taking the plunge into concert promotion.

With determination, creativity, and the insights gained from these success stories, you can begin your journey to become a successful concert promoter in Nigeria’s vibrant music scene.

Remember, success does not happen overnight. It requires dedication, grit, and a continuous hunger for improvement.

Embrace the lessons learned from top concert promoters, adapt to the ever-evolving industry, and create memorable experiences for music lovers around the country.

So, what are you waiting for? Take that leap of faith, get immersed in the world of concert promotion, and let your dreams become reality.

This industry has endless possibilities, so grab them with both hands and make your mark as a top concert promoter in Nigeria!


The success stories of top concert promoters in Nigeria serve as inspiration and motivation for aspiring promoters.

It is essential for readers to stay updated on the industry’s progress to learn from the experiences of successful promoters.

With the ever-growing entertainment industry in Nigeria, the future of concert promotion looks promising and bright.

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