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Privacy Policy

Last Updated on March 6, 2024

Privacy Policy Overview

Take a quick look at our privacy policy.

Our website,, prioritizes your privacy.

Privacy Policy for Comments

We collect data from comments forms, including IP addresses and browser details, to prevent spam. We might share your email hash with Gravatar to see if you’re registered, enhancing comment visibility. For more, see Automattic’s privacy policy:

Media Policy

Avoid uploading images with GPS data to protect your location privacy. Visitors can extract such data from our website’s images.

Cookie Policy

Leaving a comment? You can opt to save your details in cookies, making future comments easier. These cookies last one year. Login page visits set a temporary cookie to check browser cookie support, discarded upon closing your browser. Logins create cookies for two days; “Remember Me” extends this to two weeks. Editing or publishing articles sets a 1-day cookie identifying the edited post’s ID.

Embedded Content Privacy Policy

Our articles may include content (e.g., videos, images) from other sites, which may collect data, use cookies, or track interactions, especially if logged into their site.

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Data Sharing Policy

For security, we include your IP address in password reset emails. This ensures the request’s legitimacy and protects your account.

Data Retention Privacy Policy

To identify follow-up comments more efficiently, we keep comments and their metadata indefinitely. This allows seamless conversation flow on our platform. Both users and administrators have the ability to access and modify the personal information saved in user profiles. This ensures your data remains up-to-date and accurate.

Your Data Rights

You hold the right to request an export or deletion of your personal data stored by us. However, this excludes any data we must keep for administrative, legal, or security reasons. We empower you to control your personal information, ensuring your privacy and compliance with data protection laws.

Privacy Policy for Professions in Nigeria

Data Transmission Policy

Comments may undergo automated spam detection.

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