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Becoming a Professional Tour Guide in Nigeria: A Primer

Last Updated on July 30, 2023


A professional tour guide is someone who provides visitors with information about the historical, cultural, and natural attractions in a particular region.

Having a tour guide is important because they ensure that visitors have a smooth and memorable experience. Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage and diverse natural attractions make it a popular tourist destination in Africa.

However, there is a need for professional tour guides in Nigeria to meet the increasing demand from both domestic and international tourists. A professional tour guide in Nigeria is someone who has a good knowledge of the country’s history, culture, and geography.

They also have excellent communication skills, are well-informed about current events, and possess the ability to maintain a friendly and professional rapport with visitors.

Furthermore, they are able to plan and organize tours, communicate effectively with visitors, and offer personalized experiences.

Having a tour guide in Nigeria is essential because they provide visitors with a wealth of information about the country. They can offer historical and cultural insights that visitors would not be able to obtain on their own.

Additionally, they can provide valuable guidance on local customs and practices, assist with language barriers, and help ensure that visitors have a safe and enjoyable experience. The need for professional tour guides in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized.

Nigerian tourism has experienced significant growth in recent years, with more and more visitors from around the world exploring the country’s natural and cultural offerings.

Requirements for Becoming a Professional Tour Guide in Nigeria

Being a tour guide can be a fulfilling career path, especially if you have a passion for helping people explore the beauty and culture of the country.

However, to become a professional tour guide in Nigeria, there are specific requirements you must meet. Here are some of the requirements.

Educational Qualifications

  1. A minimum of a secondary school leaving certificate is required

  2. A degree in tourism, hospitality or related field is an added advantage

  3. A tour guide training course or certification is often mandatory

Personal Qualities

  1. Good communication skills, outgoing and friendly

  2. A love for people and passion for sharing the country’s history

  3. Good organizational skills to ensure the tour runs smoothly

  4. An ability to work independently or in a group

  5. Culture-sensitive with good intercultural and interpersonal skills

Technical Skills

  1. Adequate knowledge of the country’s culture, history, geography, and attractions

  2. IT literacy with proficiency in MS Office and other office tools

  3. Demonstrated organizational skills, ability to handle emergencies such as lost passports, flight delays and medical crises

  4. A good understanding of local regulations and guidelines

Language Proficiency

  1. Fluency in English and at least one other language is often required

  2. Knowledge of Nigerian indigenous languages is an added advantage

  3. Excellent public speaking and strong listening skills

  4. Ability to convey information effectively and engagingly to diverse audiences

In summary, becoming a professional tour guide in Nigeria requires meeting the above-listed requirements.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or already engaged in the tourism industry, with the right personal qualities, educational qualifications, technical skills, and language proficiency, you can begin your journey towards becoming a sought-after guide.

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Training and Certification

Aspiring tour guides must undergo proper training to become professional tour guides in Nigeria.

Why is this important? Training equips tour guides with the knowledge, skills, and expertise that are necessary to effectively conduct tours.

Importance of training for tour guides

  1. Training is necessary to develop the right attitude and mindset required to conduct tours.

  2. Tour guides need to have a good understanding of Nigerian history, culture, and geography to provide accurate information to tourists.

  3. Effective communication is vital when conducting tours, and training enables tour guides to develop this skill.

  4. Tour guides also need to have excellent customer service skills, which are developed through training.

  5. Through training, tour guides can also learn how to manage groups and handle unexpected situations that may arise during tours.

Different training programs available

Various training programs are available for aspiring tour guides in Nigeria. Some options include:

  • Formal education: Universities and polytechnics offer courses in tourism and hospitality management, which include modules on tour guiding.

  • Tour guide training schools: These schools provide intensive short courses focusing on tour guiding skills and knowledge.

  • Tourism associations/trade groups: These organizations offer training programs to their members, which can include tour guides.

Certification process and requirements

After completing training, tour guides can obtain certification from relevant tourism regulatory bodies or associations. This certification serves as proof of the tour guide’s competence and assures clients of quality service.

  1. Certification requirements vary depending on the certifying body. However, some common requirements include a minimum age, educational qualifications, and good character references.

  2. Certification exams may include both practical and written components, which reflect the skills and knowledge required for tour guiding.

  3. Some certifying bodies require annual renewals to ensure that tour guides remain up-to-date with industry standards and regulations.

In addition, training and certification are vital for anyone seeking to become a professional tour guide in Nigeria.

With the right training and certification, aspiring tour guides can develop the knowledge, skills, and competencies required to provide exceptional service to tourists.

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Securing a Job as a Professional Tour Guide in Nigeria

After obtaining the necessary skills and certifications, the next step is to secure a job as a professional tour guide in Nigeria. Here are some tips to help:

Job Opportunities in the Tourism Industry

  1. Identify the various job opportunities available in the tourism industry.

  2. Research online and offline job listings for relevant positions in Nigeria.

  3. Apply for available positions with suitable qualifications and experiences.

  4. Attend job fairs and events focused on the tourism industry to meet potential employers and learn about available job opportunities.

Networking and Building Relationships with Tour Companies

  1. Join relevant tour guide associations and groups to connect with other professionals in the industry.

  2. Attend tourism-related events and conferences to network with tour companies.

  3. Volunteer to work in tour companies to gain more experience and build relationships.

  4. Keep a positive attitude and maintain good communication with tour companies for possible referrals and recommendations.

Growth Opportunities

  1. Ask for feedback from employers or clients to improve and sharpen your skills as a tour guide.

  2. Consider further training and certifications in specialized areas of interest such as cultural heritage tours or eco-tourism.

  3. Look for opportunities for career advancement such as becoming a senior tour guide or tour manager with supervisory roles.

  4. Develop an entrepreneurial mindset and consider starting your own tour company or offering specialized services as a freelance tour guide.

Additionally, securing a job as a professional tour guide requires diligence, patience, and perseverance.

By identifying job opportunities, building relationships with tour companies, and pursuing growth opportunities, you can position yourself for a fulfilling career as a tour guide in Nigeria.

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Becoming a Professional Tour Guide in Nigeria: A Primer

How to Excel as a Professional Tour Guide in Nigeria

Maintaining professionalism

  1. Be punctual for tour appointments and avoid cancelling at the last minute.

  2. Dress appropriately and maintain good personal hygiene.

  3. Stay organized and provide clear and concise information to clients.

  4. Keep communication lines open and respond promptly to inquiries and concerns.

  5. Treat all clients with respect and avoid any form of discrimination.

Providing excellent customer service

  1. Be attentive to clients’ needs and expectations.

  2. Use a friendly and welcoming tone of voice.

  3. Offer assistance and ensure client safety.

  4. Anticipate and manage potential problems before they arise.

  5. Provide valuable insights and recommendations on tourist attractions.

Being knowledgeable about Nigeria’s history, culture and tourist attractions

  1. Conduct thorough research on tourist attractions and cultural events.

  2. Attend seminars, workshops and training sessions to enhance knowledge.

  3. Familiarize oneself with the local language and customs.

  4. Read books and watch documentaries on Nigeria’s history and culture.

  5. Develop a passion for Nigerian tourism to inspire clients.

Staying up to date with industry trends and changes

  1. Keep abreast of tourism industry changes and new attractions.

  2. Follow travel and tourism blogs and websites for information.

  3. Network with fellow tour guides to share ideas and experiences.

  4. Attend trade shows and conferences to stay informed and updated.

  5. Adopt innovative tour packages and itineraries to attract clients.

Therefore, to excel as a professional tour guide in Nigeria, maintaining professionalism, providing excellent customer service, being knowledgeable about Nigeria’s history, culture, and tourist attractions, and staying up to date with industry trends and changes are critical factors.

These strategies will not only enhance the tour guide experience but also boost clients’ satisfaction and encourage repeat business.

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Challenges and Solutions in Becoming a Professional Tour Guide in Nigeria

Challenges facing professional tour guides in Nigeria

  1. Limited knowledge and information about the country’s history, culture, and tourist attractions.

  2. Poor infrastructure and inadequate facilities to support tourism.

  3. Inadequate or non-existent tourism policies and regulations.

  4. Low levels of professional recognition and accreditation of tour guides.

  5. Poor communication skills and lack of foreign language proficiency.

  6. Insecurity and safety concerns due to terrorism, kidnapping, and other crimes.

  7. Lack of access to finance and funding for tour guide businesses and startups.

Solutions to overcome these challenges

  1. Continuous learning and updating of knowledge about the country’s history, culture, and tourist attractions through research and training.

  2. Advocacy for the improvement of infrastructure and facilities to support tourism through active engagement with the government and private sector stakeholders.

  3. Development and implementation of tourism policies and regulations to promote safe and sustainable tourism practices.

  4. Advocacy for the recognition and accreditation of tour guides through professional associations and regulatory bodies.

  5. Improvement of communication skills and foreign language proficiency through language classes and immersion programs.

  6. Collaboration with security agencies and tour operators to ensure safety and security of tourists in the country.

  7. Access to finance and funding through grants, loans, and other support programs for tour guide businesses and startups from the government and private sector.

Tourism in Nigeria holds immense growth potential, but professional tour guides face numerous challenges that hinder success

  1. Limited knowledge of history, culture, and attractions requires continuous learning and research.

  2. Inadequate infrastructure and facilities necessitate advocacy for improvement through government engagement.

  3. Absence of tourism policies and regulations must be addressed to promote safe and sustainable practices.

  4. Low professional recognition and accreditation demand advocacy through associations and regulatory bodies.

  5. Poor communication skills and language proficiency require language classes and immersion programs.

  6. Insecurity concerns due to crimes call for collaboration with security agencies and tour operators.

  7. Lack of finance and funding can be mitigated by accessing government and private sector support programs.

Overcoming these challenges through continuous learning, advocacy, collaboration, and access to funding can lead to successful tourism development in Nigeria.


In summary, becoming a professional tour guide in Nigeria requires you to have a passion for tourism, vast knowledge of Nigerian history and culture, and excellent communication and presentation skills.

It is important to note that professional tour guides play a significant role in promoting tourism in Nigeria by providing an engaging and informative experience for tourists, which can lead to positive reviews and increased tourism. With the increasing demand for tourism in Nigeria, there are future prospects in the industry for tour guides to grow and advance their careers.

However, the lack of professional tour guides has been a persistent challenge in the industry. With professional tour guides, visitors are guaranteed a higher quality of service, and Nigeria is able to sustainably grow its tourism industry.

In essence, a professional tour guide is an essential element of any successful tourism industry.

Nigeria’s tourism industry would greatly benefit from having more professional tour guides to meet the increasing demand from visitors seeking a unique and personalized experience.

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